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How to submit entries for the TMGR Conformation Clinic



To have your animals evaluated in the Conformation Clinic, you will need to submit a series of 4/5 photos: a side view taken from a perspective level with the animals ribs; a rear view from directly behind the animal level with it's tailhead and including legs, feet and top of the pelvis; a front view showing head, chest, front legs and feet; and an overhead view shot from the rear with the animal's head facing away from the camera, showing the shoulders and dairy wedge desireable from that view.  In addition, for milking does you must include a photo of the doe's foreudder, preferably directly from the side or slightly ahead and clearly showing the foreudder attachments.  Look at previous Conformation Clinics to get an idea of what is expected.

To show your animal to best advantage, keep it's legs perpendicular to the ground.  Do not over extend it's legs, either from the side or from the rear.  Do not allow the animal to lean into the collar excessively, or use a treat or bottle to exaggerate it's stance.  Ideally, pictures showing the animal standing naturally, i.e., clipped to a fence without a handler, will allow a more honest evaluation to be given by the Evaluators than those showing the animal pinched down in the loin, stretched out excessively, etc.  While clipping is not required, clipped animals generally show better than unclipped ones.

Remember that an animal stretched out too much (parked) can appear to have overly straight angulation, weak pasterns, etc., and can draw attention to such things as a steep rump, unlevel chine, and a downhill front end.  Ideally - have your animal standing on solid ground or pavement rather than have it's feet obscured by grass.

Please try to keep images under 1 Mb in size.  You can resize your pictures using any image resizer such as this one:

Once the pictures are taken, submit them by email to the Clinic Coordinator, fill out the Entry Form and submit $4.00 fee (members) or $6.00 fee (non-members) for each animal entered.

The Rules:

  • Photos may have been taken any time during the current year. 

  • Participants agree to allow publication of the photos and results on the TMGR website.

  • Participation is for educational purposes only. 

  • Participants do not need to be a member of TMGR to participate, nor do the animals need to be TMGR registered. 

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