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We got SWAG!!!!!

The Miniature Goat Registry is now offering products with the TMGR logo on them.  Support your Registry by getting yourself and your family some SWAG right now.  Also great options for Show Committees to offer as show awards and gifts.

Check it out right HERE.

The 2020 Conformation Clinic can be viewed now.

Our Evaluator is ADGA Judge REBECCA NIX!

CDBC ID for TMGR registered does!

Dear all,

To enable owners of miniature dairy goats to have their data accepted by the CDCB database, we have designated the breed code MN (Miniature) and the prefix “00030" for IDs assigned by The Miniature Goat Registry. Other organizations that assign IDs can obtain a prefix. The American Dairy Goat Association is managing the assignment of these prefixes. 


Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding 

DHIA Breed code for Miniature Dairy Goats!

A big huge shout out to Amy and TMGR for making this happen. We started this process five years ago, and it has finally happened. With help from Lisa Shephard at ADGA, TMGR was able to negotiate a breed code for Miniature Dairy Goats. It is MN for all MiNiature dairy goat breeds.

Additionally, when the reprogramming is done, goats registered with TMGR will be able to use the TMGR reg number, like ADGA goats can, to show up in the online database!!


The Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding

Membership and Registration Drive!! New Member Drive --!

New Member Drive --
Between now and December 31, join TMGR and record your herd name/tattoo at no additional cost (a $10 savings). 
Membership good thru December 2018

Registration Drive --
For members only -- "bulk discount registration rate" Between now and December 31, register your goats at discounted prices.
4 or more registrations -- $4 each
10 or more registrations -- $3.50 each
20 or more registrations -- $3.00 each
To get the discount, all registration applications must come in the same envelope (if hard copy mailed) or be electronically submitted within a 48 hour period.


Fill out the Pedigree (for the Web-based Pedigree Look Up)
If you want the pedigree of your TMGR goat to be more complete, but you do not own the goat (so you therefore cannot register the goat with TMGR), we can include information in our database about goats in their pedigree. For each goat you want to add information, you would need to submit a photo copy of the goat's registration paper to document the official information on the goat and pay a $3 processing fee.

GS6 - What do you know???

Jill Hoenmans has set up a website about G6S.  If you have Nubians you need to be aware of this disease.  Please check it out.

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