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PO Box 310 Ione, CA 95640

The 2019 Conformation Clinic is complete.

Our Evaluator is Jean Harrison, from the great show herd Coastside LaManchas!! 

CDBC ID for TMGR registered does!

Dear all,

To enable owners of miniature dairy goats to have their data accepted by the CDCB database, we have designated the breed code MN (Miniature) and the prefix “00030" for IDs assigned by The Miniature Goat Registry. Other organizations that assign IDs can obtain a prefix. The American Dairy Goat Association is managing the assignment of these prefixes. 


Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding 

DHIA Breed code for Miniature Dairy Goats!

A big huge shout out to Amy and TMGR for making this happen. We started this process five years ago, and it has finally happened. With help from Lisa Shephard at ADGA, TMGR was able to negotiate a breed code for Miniature Dairy Goats. It is MN for all MiNiature dairy goat breeds.

Additionally, when the reprogramming is done, goats registered with TMGR will be able to use the TMGR reg number, like ADGA goats can, to show up in the online database!!


The Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding

2017 Conformation Clinic is posted!

Evaluations are complete, and you can see the animals here.

How do your animals compare????

Membership and Registration Drive!! New Member Drive --!

New Member Drive --
Between now and December 31, join TMGR and record your herd name/tattoo at no additional cost (a $10 savings). 
Membership good thru December 2018

Registration Drive --
For members only -- "bulk discount registration rate" Between now and December 31, register your goats at discounted prices.
4 or more registrations -- $4 each
10 or more registrations -- $3.50 each
20 or more registrations -- $3.00 each
To get the discount, all registration applications must come in the same envelope (if hard copy mailed) or be electronically submitted within a 48 hour period.


Fill out the Pedigree (for the Web-based Pedigree Look Up)
If you want the pedigree of your TMGR goat to be more complete, but you do not own the goat (so you therefore cannot register the goat with TMGR), we can include information in our database about goats in their pedigree. For each goat you want to add information, you would need to submit a photo copy of the goat's registration paper to document the official information on the goat and pay a $3 processing fee.

Vote for your favorite pictures for inclusion in the 2018 TMGR Calendar now.  Voting closes 9/18/17.

Vote on Survey Monkey now!

You asked for it! You GOT IT!

TMGR has been looking forward to the day where we could provide our members with a searchable pedigree database.  THAT DAY IS TODAY!

Check out our new Pedigree Lookup feature HERE!

WHOO HOO! The Calendar Contest has begun!

Calling All Photographers of Mini Dairy Goats --

The annual photo contest for the TMGR annual calendar is now open. Submit by breed, by gender, by age, by season, or your choice of how your categorize your photos. All submissions must be received by August 15. Please submit a jpg photo that is at least 1 MB in size (in order to ensure a quality print)


Please send photos to:


Please write "Photo Contest" in the subject line and include the following information for each photo submitted: the name of the photographer, herd name, location, and breed of goat. 



Please submit new photos that you have never submitted before, preferably photos taken within the past year.

The photo should feature one or more Miniature Dairy Goats. If humans are present in the photo, they should be "background".

Only TMGR members may submit photos.



Judging will be a little different than it was last year. We had several folks ask for a way to vote that did not require using FaceBook. To meet this need, the voting will be thru SurveyMonkey. You will have the option of ranking each photo with 1 to 5 stars. The survey will be available From Aug 30 through Sept 15.


12 of the most popular photos will be selected as winners for categories such as Best of Breed, Best Kid of Breed, Best Goat in Summer, etc. (Categories are somewhat determined by what photos we receive.)


TMGR is offering ad space on the back of the upcoming calendar, as well as space in the interior of the calendar. There is space for 12 business cards (2 inch tall by 3.5 inches wide) on the back of the calendaring space for 13 ads occupying two blank squares (1 inch tall by 3 inches wide total) in the interior of the calendar (one per month).


Ads are $35 each. Please send your high quality jpg image of your ad to, with the subject of "2018 Calendar Ad". Please specify if you prefer to see your ad on the back of the calendar or in the interior. After your ad is received, you will be be given payment instructions. All payments will be processed through the registrar.


Donna Elkins has decided to step down as TMGR Registrar to spend a little more time with her family.  We are all so grateful to her for taking on this heavy responsibility all these years.  Thank you so much Donna!

Amy Parker has agreed to take over Registration duties.  We have a new Office address: PO Box 310 Ione, CA 95640

All printed and online materials will be updated to reflect the new address.  In the meantime, please do send all office correspondence to the new address, and bear with us as we update.

Member Representatives Wanted!

TMGR is seeking 2 individuals to fill Member Representative positions. The goal of having Member Representatives is to enhance and encourage member participation in the direction and management of the Registry. Member Representatives may participate in Board Meetings, as non-voting members, sharing ideas on how to improve the registry. Member Representatives must be TMGR members in good standing and agree to abide by the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules and Code of Ethics of TMGR. These are 1-year positions running from January to December. The BOD meets every other month on a Saturday. Member Representatives must be prepared and willing to attend these meetings via Google Hangouts.

Membership Representatives applications will be reviewed by the TMGR Board and submitted to the TMGR members who will vote to select Membership Representatives.

If you would like to be considered for the Member Representative position, please submit an application to by October 31, 2016.

Information for Application:
Where are you located (City, State)?
How many years as a TMGR member?
How many years breeding miniature dairy goats? What Breed(s)?
What is your interest in becoming a Member Representative?

Thank you for considering this opportunity to shape and guide the registry -- robust member involvement makes it stronger. The Board is looking forward to this new chapter.

The 2016 TMGR Conformation Clinic is completed and online here.  Thank you to all who submitted photos.  We hope this educational exersize is useful as a learning tool for everyone.  

New! Native on Production Registrations

While TMGR has eliminated the Native on Appearance Program for registering animals with undocumented parentage effective 12/31/16, we appreciate the importance of superior genetics in our mini dairy goats.

Therefore, we have instituted the Native on Production Program.  This program is designed to allow into the Herdbook unregistered DOES who have proven their ability to milk by virtue of official DHIR lactation records.

Have an unregistered doe that milks 2000 pounds on test?  If she otherwise qualifies for a TMGR AR* designation she is still eligible for registration as NOP, providing she also conforms to TMGR Breed Standards including height requirements.

Applications will be reviewed by the TMGR Board and Milk Chairman on an individual basis.   Information about the program can be found on the Registration pages of this website.

Members have Numbers!

When you now receive material and mailings from TMGR you will notice a Membership Number has been added to your information.   TMGR Forms and Applications are being updated with a field for this Membership ID.

Please make a note of this ID number and be sure to use it in the future.   It's Modern Technology, Baby!

2017 Calendar Photo Contest

The annual photo contest for the TMGR annual calendar is now open.

All submissions must be received by August 15, voting for your favorites begins as soon as we have entries and will close August 30.

Submit by breed, by gender, by age, by season, or your choice of how your categorize your photos.

Send photos to:

The Spring 2016 Conformation Clinic is now open for entries.  Deadline for entries is July 15, 2016.  Take those pictures now!

LaMancha Breed Standard

The TMGR Mini LaMancha Breed Standard has been revised and submitted to the TMGR membership for a 30 day comment period.  That period is now closed and the LaMancha Breed Standard is now official.  You can download a copy from the Breed Standards Page.

TMGR Calendars

Woe is us!   The TMGR Calendars are gone!!!!  No more calendars for 2016.  Don't wait too long to renew your membership next year or you might miss out!

Show Results Listings

4/23/16 - We are changing a few things on the website.  Due to member requests, we are making the Show Results Page visible to everyone.  No more need to log in to view Show Results.   All results on that page are Official.

Last call!

Last Call!  Contact the TMGR Office if you want a 2016 TMGR Calendar - Only a few left..... get them while supplies last!!

While you're at it, it's time to start taking pictures for the 2017 Calendar contest.  Submit your pictures and you may be looking at your own goats on next years Calendar.

NOA Program


Due to the large numbers of animals now registered as Miniature Dairy Goats, TMGR is closing the NOA grade program effective 12/31/16.  Registration of animals out of ADGA Experimental does will still be registered but grades with unknown parentage and/or ADGA NOA recorded grade animals will not.  Existing NOA registered animals will still be included in the Herdbook and kids from them will still be eligible for registration with TMGR.  Please plan accordingly.


Registration rules for NOA's can be found here.

GS6 - What do you know???

Jill Hoenmans has set up a website about G6S.  If you have Nubians you need to be aware of this disease.  Please check it out.

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