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Amy Parker - Registrar

PO Box 310
Ione, CA 95640

PH# 619-417-0989


The Miniature Goat Registry registers Experimental, American and Purebred dairy goats from eight different breeds: Mini Alpines, Mini LaMancha, Mini Nubian, Mini Oberhasli, Mini Saanen, Mini Sable, Mini Toggenburg, and Mini  Guernsey.  Animals submitted for registration may also be first generation crosses between Nigerian Dwarf and any  recognized registered standard breed dairy goat.


  • Breeders may now register and transfer an animal to a new owner at the same time using the Transfer Form after the animal's initial Registration Application is completed.


  • TMGR no longer registers animals based solely on appearance.

  • Information regarding the registration of Native on Production (NOP) does can be found here.


  • Registrations may be submitted by mail, or electronically if parent animals are already registered with TMGR.


  • If you are submitting registrations for animals with parents registered in another registry, remember to include copies of the sire and dam's registration certificates with your application, and don't forget the service memo when registering kids!


 All registration certificates are sent to you in page protectors and are ready to go into a binder

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