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TMGR Conformation Clinic

The TMGR Conformation Clinic is designed to provide education about miniature dairy goat conformation and a means of getting a personal evaluation of your own animals through the use of photographs of the animal.


It is NOT a substitute for conformation evaluation through live shows or appraisals, as clearly, the evaluator cannot put his/her hands on the animal or see it on the move.


However, It DOES provide an opinion of the owner's animal's good qualities as well as faults and can help educate the owner in what to look for in a quality animal and what the strengths and weaknesses his/her own animals possess.


The Conformation Clinic is a public website. It is understood that photos submitted will be examined by the Evaluators and the strengths and weaknesses of each animal will be discussed publicly.


The TMGR Conformation Clinic is open to all registered Miniature Dairy Goats - regardless of registry.

HOW IT WORKS - The Evaluators will evaluate the animal against the Standard TMGR judges scorecard. They will comment on each animal's conformation and where it could be improved.


This is not a show with sequential placings (1,2,3,4, etc.) Rather, the comments pertain to where the animal exhibits correct, desirable conformation and where it could benefit from improvement.


Example: “This doe exhibits a nearly ideal topline being very level from hips to pins, and showing an uphill stance. She would benefit by being deeper in the chest with more extention in the brisket”.


Additional comments might be “She would show better if her cannon bones were placed directly beneath the pin bones rather than extended behind them.”


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