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TMGR Membership


Membership in TMGR is $20 per year or $30 per year for a family membership. You may join by filling out & mailing the .pdf Membership Application to TMGR, or using the online Membership Application below.  Memberships are on a calendar year basis.

Member herdname registration is $10.00 (this is a one time fee for the duration of your membership - no annual renewal required).   Non-Members may register a herdname for $15.00 and an annual renewal fee of $5.00 per year.


Be sure to notify TMGR of any changes to your listing in the directory!

Because we respect privacy, TMGR has an option on our membership form that allows members to decline to be published in our membership Directory. Therefore, please be advised the following does not reflect a complete list of members, only those who have given permission for their personal information to be published. If you wish to change that option on your membership, please contact us to request to be added to the online Membership Directory.

Membership Directory

Type any word to search the list

Please Note:  Due to the limitations of the formatting of the above directory which does not support direct links, you must copy and paste links to websites and email addresses manually.  (Highlight the address, then press Control+C, then Control+V to copy and paste the text into your address bar)

Don't see your name listed?  Did you remember to renew???

To change your existing membership data please use the Forms here

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