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New Member Application

The following options are available:

Initial Membership Includes $10.00 Herdname Registration Fee

Single Membership:    $30.00   Renewal:  $20.00 per year

Family Membership:   $40.00   Renewal:  $30.00 per year

Life Membership  $250.00

Herdname Registration Only (Current Member) $10.00

(If your herdname is unavailable, you will be contacted by TMGR)

Note: If you chose not to become a member of TMGR but do want your Herdname reserved you may submit a Herdname Reservation Application with an initial reservation fee of $15.00 plus a $5.00 yearly renewal fee.

TMGR Code of Conduct


  • At TMGR we expect that our Board of Directors, employees or representatives will be treated with patience and respect.  We understand that everyone has bad days, however repeated abuse will not be tolerated and we may revoke membership in extreme circumstances. We will send written notice of any complaint made in an effort to reconcile our differences.

  • As a member of TMGR you agree to treat the Board of Directors, employees and representatives with professionalism and respect. Repeated misconduct will not be tolerated and can result in revoked membership upon board approval.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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