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How to measure your goat

Measuring the height of your Miniature Dairy Goats is important to make sure they meet the height standards of their breeds.  Height measurements are required at shows for both Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion animals over one year of age.
Height measurements are also required for animals on Milk Test programs and for advancement into the American Herdbooks.  So, it's a good idea to learn how to do it right.

Measuring is most easily accomplished with a cooperative handler and a cooperative goat.  Having them in an area they are familiar with and no distractions will help get the most accurate measurement possible.

You are trying to measure from the highest point of the withers - the dorsal processes on the top of the spine - to level ground.  Make sure the ground is level and that the stick is positioned next to the foot and not above or below it.


Depending on where the leg falls (length of shoulder, etc) that may also be a little behind the leg or more towards the center of the foreleg.  You want the "red" position (above) -- the post of the measuring stick perpendicular to the ground in both directions and the horizontal measuring part parallel to the ground.  Good sticks usually have a leveling bubble on top so you can tell when you are really level.


The measurement can change as much as an inch depending on how high or low the head is. You want the head at the height they naturally hold it up when they are alert.  Don't pull and stretch them up, but do not let the head be down either.

Remember also that goats grow for at least 4 years, so it is a good idea to recheck height once they are 3-4 years old.

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