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Application for Registration

  • Use this online form ONLY if you are the breeder of the animal. 


  • If you are not the Breeder please print out the paper form and mail with appropriate service memo and/or parent registration certificates AND PAYMENT to the Registrar.


  • Please Note:  If you are also transferring THIS animal to new ownership at the same time as submitting this Registration Application, you may now complete the transfer using the LINK below the application.  Registration certificates will be mailed to the new owner.  Any animal already registered must be transferred by sending the original Registration Certificate to the office.

  • **Please make sure any photos submitted are less than 3 MB in size before uploading.

NEW! If you are the breeder of this animal and wish to register the animal AND transfer it to a new owner online at the same time, use the Transfer Form to the right.  Fill out the additional Transfer Form and submit payment ($11.00) using the payment form on the Transfer Page INSTEAD of the one below.

Please Note: You must fill out the application for registration first, followed by the transfer form. 

  • If you are registering animals only, and not transferring them, make payment using the form at right ---->


  • Payment for multiple registration submissions can be made at one time.

  • Payment will be made via Paypal.  You will be taken to the Paypal app after submission.

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