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Conformation Clinic Entry Submissions



1. Use the form below to enter each animal you would like evaluated. 


2. Email your pictures to the Clinic Coordinator, clearly identifying each animal by name and registration number.  You will need 4 pictures for bucks and kids (Side, front, rear, top down from rear). You will need 5 pictures for milking does (Side, front rear, top down from rear, and foreudder).


  **Try to make sure pictures are less than 1 Mb in size!


3. Make payment with Paypal using the form below (or mail check to TMGR).


4. Make sure entries are received before the Entry Deadline.


5. Email pictures to:  TMGR Conformation Clinic Coordinator

Submission fees:

TMGR Members - $4.00

Non Members - $6.00

Pay through Paypal using the payment form --->

Or send a check to the TMGR Office via snail mail.

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