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TMGR Finished Show Champions

Congratulations to the following owners on achieving finished
Grand Champion status on these animals:

FGCH Desertwinds Pocket Aces

Norm & Donna Geiser

FGCH Cherry Butte Curious George

Aaron Zisk

FGCH Wonderful Farm Maverick

Amy Parker

FGCH Irm's Girl Orphan Annie

MaryLisa Lynch

FGCH Country Pride Farm Shimmering Star

Carol Eveland

FGCH Desertwinds Sahara

Norm & Donna Geiser

FGCH Cherry Butte Snickerdoodle

Aaron Zisk

FGCH Irm's Girl Miss Daisy

MaryLisa Lynch

FGCH Glimmercroft Moon River

Laura Workman

FGCH Irm's Girl Mountain Laurel

Amy Parker

FGCH Soaring Heart's Hyacinth

Wendelyn Valentine

FGCH Creamcup HC Sparrow

Paula Terrell

FGCH Vassahara's Tucootie

Amy Parker

FGCH Creamcup Sunrise Maluku

Paula Terrell

FGCH Creamcup Sunrise Maluku

Paula Terrell

FGCH Sageland SS Penelope 2*D

Jessica Benson

FGCH Creamcup HC Peppermint

Paula Terrell

FGCH Creamcup Sparrow Silverlight

Angela Davidson


FGCH Vassajara’s Tucootie

Russ Parker


FGCH Blackberry’s RBI Witchcraft

Megan Archer


FGCH Bays Dream R Leilani

Diona Schilling

Happy Feets Joy_edited_edited.jpg

FGCH The KJFM Happy Feet’s Joy

Christine Nutt


If you are the owner of a TMGR Finished Grand Champion and have a picture you would like to use here, send it to the Show Chairman at

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