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About Miniature Dairy Goats

Miniature Dairy Goats were originally crosses between standard dairy goat breeds and the Nigerian Dwarf.  They were developed to fill a niche - a smaller dairy goat midway between the sizes of each breed, and to breed in certain Nigerian Dwarf characteristics that are admired by many people, including high butterfat and aseasonal breeding. 

While it is still possible to breed an original cross between a Nigerian Dwarf and one of the standard dairy goat breeds, many people today prefer to upgrade their animals by breeding the Miniature Dairy Goats with each other. 

After the first original cross is made, animals are eligible for upgrading eventually to purebred status once they have reached the 6th generation (F6) and conform to the Breed Standard for their breed. 

About TMGR


The Miniature Goat Registry (TMGR) was founded to further the development, promotion and registration of miniature dairy goats. We are here to assist both the experienced miniature dairy goat breeder and those who are new to miniature dairy goats.


The Minature Goat Registry (TMGR) is a non-profit corporation with a Board of Directors and membership driven committees.


As a non-profit, all monies collected for dues and fees (minus operating expenditures) go into promotion and education for our members and for the general public.  All officers, directors and the registrar are nonsalaried volunteers.

The Miniature Goat Registry is the leading source for all things related to miniature goats. We strive to provide our members with the most up-to-date information related to miniature goat breeds, care and ownership. We offer a variety of services and resources to help our members connect, network and promote the miniature goat community. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, The Miniature Goat Registry has something for everyone. Join us today and let’s start a mini goat revolution!

TMGR recognizes the efforts put forth by members and breeders of miniature dairy goats and strives to be responsive to their needs. Applications for registration, certificates for show wins and production achievements will be sent in a timely manner.


TMGR's goal is to encourage owners, breeders and enthusiasts by providing them with the most informative and educational materials available.  We look forward to working with our members to improve and promote the miniature dairy goat breeds and their unique place in the goat world.

New TMGR members receive a Members Handbook with the following forms and information:


  • Registration rules

  • Service memo forms

  • Show Rules and Show information

  • Breed standards

  • Fault Matrix

  • Judges Score Card

  • Milk Program


And, the official TMGR Calendar!

TMGR Code of Conduct


  • At TMGR we expect that our Board of Directors, employees or representatives will be treated with patience and respect.  We understand that everyone has bad days, however repeated abuse will not be tolerated and we may revoke membership in extreme circumstances. We will send written notice of any complaint made in an effort to reconcile our differences.

  • As a member of TMGR you agree to treat the Board of Directors, employees and representatives with professionalism and respect. Repeated misconduct will not be tolerated and can result in revoked membership upon board approval.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

A Little TMGR History......

In the summer of 2006, a group of goat breeders sat around a table after a show and discussed starting a new Mini registry.  A registry that was member friendly, prompt on sending out paperwork, had written standards for each breed, a milk program and show rules.  Each person had a background in either Nigerians, Standards, and/or Mini goats.   This was a combined effort to put together a comprehensive registry by the end of the year.   Yes, TMGR was fully operational on January 1, 2007 and our website was launched in December 2006.


The first of many organizational meetings was held in Arizona at Doug and Dotty Clark’s home.  Those attending were Donna and Norm Geiser, Linda and Ted Adams, Bev Jacobs and Katie Lewis.  Each prepared sections of information, that when put together, formed the registry’s foundation.  Information was shared, discussed and voted on to finalize an acceptable format that members would relate to and support.  It required a dedicated team of individuals who believed the need for a successful Mini registry could be accomplished.


In 2016 we became a 501 (3)(c) non-profit organization as we continue to evolve in meeting the needs of our members.  We are currently in the process of improving our outreach and education about the mid-sized dairy goats.

Our first TMGR Board of Directors:

Donna Geiser - President

Norm Geiser - Vice President

Linda Adams - Secretary

Ted Adams - Treasurer

Dotty Clark - Registrar

Doug Clark - Director At Large/Webmaster

Bev Jacobs - Director At Large

Katie Lewis - Milk Program Director

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