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Registration Basics

(or... how exactly do you do this?)

When you purchase your first miniature dairy goat there are several things you should take into account.

  • Health - blood testing

  • Known or Disqualifying faults

  • Registration issues

  • Explanation of registrations/generations/registration process

  • Paperwork you should receive

Sellers cannot guarantee how a kid will mature months after it has been sold.  Buyers should practice due diligence before committing to buy an animal and sellers should honestly describe the animal and provide proof if requested of registrations and/or milk records.  The best practice is to see the animal and the sellers premises in person before completing the sale.

If an animal is purchased sight unseen and not found to be as represented by the seller, the only recourse is negotiation to return the animal or make a financial adjustment accordingly.

The sale of a mini dairy goat is a contract between buyer and seller.  TMGR has no authority to intervene in a sale or other personal dispute.  Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure both seller and buyer understand what they are getting.

TMGR registered animals will come with a registration certificate OR an application for registration, filled out by the breeder of the animal.  The Breeder is the person who owned the dam on the date of breeding.

If you are buying a kid you may need a Buck Service Memo along with the Registration Application, since you are not the Breeder of the animal.  Buck Service Memos may be filed online by the owner of the buck, or you may receive a printed copy to send in with your application for registration.  Only the first kid registered from a litter requires a Service Memo, as then it will already be on file with the Office for other kids from the same litter.


Make sure the animal is transferred to you and the transfer is signed by the seller.  


DO NOT WAIT to complete the transfer into your name.  If you fail to do so and lose the paperwork at a later date, there may be no way for you to recreate the paper trail to get that animal or it's offspring registered later.


TMGR cannot help you either transfer an animal or register one if you don't have proof of ownership.  So do not fail to record transfers and changes of ownership in a timely manner.

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