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Milk Program

Norm Geiser - Chair

The Miniature Goat Registry was founded to further the development, promotion and registration of well-balanced miniature dairy goats. We are here to assist both the experienced miniature dairy goat breeder and those who are new to miniature dairy goats. 


So what does that have to do with Milk Testing?


Milk testing is a wonderful tool for members to use in developing miniature DAIRY goats. By collecting, recording & using real data, a breeder (new or experienced) can look at both the herd and/or an individual doe, to see how they compare to “average” or how they compare this year to last year (in other words, is my herd on average improving?) This information can help you make decisions about herd management in general.  Data can be used in comparing production of individuals to your own herd “average”, or to “average” for other mini herds, it can help make decisions about feeding (did that added BOSS really increase butterfat like I had hoped?? Was it worth the added cost??), determining which bucks are improving milk or butterfat production and which bloodlines cross well and which don’t, and provides data and statistics that can be used in promoting your herd to breeders & buyers who are interested in mini dairy goats.

While we encourage any breeder/owner of mini dairy goats to keep & collect production data on their animals, sharing that information via the registry allows you to receive “official” recognition via Production Awards.


Currently, TMGR uses the Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) Program as a tool for members, which includes the Dairy Herd  Improvement Registry (DHIR) testing, One Day Tests, production awards such as the Star Program (*D, as in this is a DAIRY animal!) and Advanced Registry (AR*D) title, and the Top Ten Lists.


What the heck do all those initials mean, anyway??



305 Test  -  $5.00 Herd + $2.00 Per doe


Group/Show One Day Test - $25.00


Farm/Ranch One Day Test - $10.00 Per Herd


Milk Production Certificate - $3.50

* CDCB Breed Code for all Miniature Dairy Goats -  "MN"

* CDCB ID Prefix for IDs assigned by The Miniature Goat Registry - "00030"

DHIR Testing (aka 305 day testing)


This is the long term test of 305 days or less with roughly monthly testing. DHIR is official milk production testing under the auspices of The Miniature Goat Registry, following the Uniform Operating Procedures (UOP) and the Code of Ethics of the National Dairy Herd Improvement Program (NDHIP) and the TMGR  Milk Test Rules. This is done through the registry, a certified Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) and a certified DHI laboratory.  DHIR testing involves a certified DHI Technician coming to the farm for a monthly test, observing the day’s milkings, weighing the milk, recording the weights and taking samples for each doe. The samples are sent to a lab that tests the percent of butterfat, and protein. Reports are sent back to the herd owner after each test.


The Advanced Registry is the award portion of the DHIR program.  Once the DHIA designates a does lactation cycle as “complete”, and if the doe meets the requirements of the TMGR rules, the doe has earned the right to add the title AR*D to her registered name.  The Rules for the DHIR award are listed in the TMGR Milk Program Rules.

One Day Tests

One Day Test is the second type of production test in the TMGR DHI program. A One Day Test requires three observed milkings in 24 hours with milk weights and samples taken the last two observed milkings. The milk weight, days in milk and % butterfat are used in a specific math procedure to determine the number of points the doe accumulated.  Rules governing One Day Tests can be downloaded here.

Star Awards


There are minimum points required for a star. Star Program (*D) awards also include other awards/titles for does and bucks through progeny and bucks through inheritance. The Rules for the Star Program are listed in the TMGR Milk Program Rules.

TMGR Milk Test Awards

   *D - Does with earned milk star on a One Day Test

AR*D - Does with earned star for Advanced Registry records meeting minimum requirements for AR

Inherited Milk Test Awards -

A buck inherits a star (S) if both his parents are star animals.

A Buck may inherit a star if both his dam and his sire's dam have earned stars.

A buck may inherit a plus (+) if he has sired three AR or star daughters out of three different dams.

A buck may inherit a plus (+) if he has two sons who have earned a plus (+).

A buck may inherit a plus (+) if he has two star daughters and one plus (+) son.

A doe may inherit a star if she produces three *D daughters.

A doe may inherit a star if she produces two plus/star sons.

A doe may inherit a star if she produces two star daughters and one star/plus son.


  • Fee Schedule and Forms for Milk Testing can be found HERE.

  • Send Milk Test Applications to Milk Test Chair Norm Geiser

  • Send Application Fees to TMGR OFFICE

  • Send Final Doe Sheets by email in .PDF formatted attachments only, to Norm Geiser

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