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The Miniature Goat Registry

Board of Directors

MaryLisa Cornell


MaryLisa started breeding Miniature Nubians in 2006. She is the owner of Irm's Girls Mini Nubians in El Dorado, CA, and produces goat cheese and soap at Jollity Farm in Garden Valley CA.


She attended her first Mini Show in 2012, and in 2013 hosted a 4H Specialty mini show. Then in 2014 she was the show Chair for the Motherlode Mini Milkers Show in Placerville and Show Secretary for the Family Goat Show in Gridley. 

MaryLisa is the project leader for the Mini Dairy Goat project in El Dorado County. She is the Education Chair of the Gold Country Dairy Goat Association. MaryLisa has won blue ribbons for both her goat milk cheese and her goat milk soap in the El Dorado County Fair, both made from the milk from her Miniature Nubians.

Paula Terrell - Show Chairman


She got her first goats in 1968 because she really liked goats.  By 1972 she had purebred toggenburgs and by 1974 was showing Togg and LaMancha dairy goats in CA and later Oregon, where she had a dairy and milked about 80 animals (by hand) for 15 years. 

She has raised Miniature LaManchas since 2003 and her Creamcup herd is one of the largest Miniature LaMancha herds in the US.  She was the first Life Member of TMGR.

Fesnock head shot.jpg
Amy Fesnock Parker - TMGR Registrar, Office Manager
Amy purchased her first goats in 2012, after finding out that her son was allergic to cow milk but able to drink goat milk.  Amy quickly learned that goats are like potato chips and you can’t just stop at one, and her herd of 3 mini Nubians has grown to a herd of more than 40 Stitch-N-Thyme goats focusing on mini Nubian and mini Oberhasli. 


Norm Geiser - Vice President, Milk Program Chair

The Geisers own the Desertwinds herd of Miniature LaMancha and Nigerian dairy goats.  Norm and Donna have been doing Minis since 1997.  Desertwinds was one of the first herd names to be recognized as instrumental in the development of Miniature LaManchas. 

They are part of the founding members of TMGR and both have held the office of president.   Although they say they are getting “older”, they will always have those “little eared goats” on their’s what keeps them young.

Sarah Keiser - President
Penngrove, CA

Sarah has been breeding mini-nubians and Miniature LaManchas since 2014.  She has since decided to focus solely on Miniature LaManchas.  She and her family run a small farm, Wild Oat Hollow in Penngrove, CA.  


Sarah raises Miniature LaManchas, fiber sheep and chickens, although her goats are the true farm favorite.


Virginia Johnson-Gruver - TMGR Judge
Pocahontas, AR

Virginia is a long time Nigerian Dwarf and Miniature LaMancha breeder and judge.

Her Dream Weaver herd now resides in Pocahontas, AR.

Russ Parker - Information Technology
Ione, CA

Russ never thought he would be a farmer... and when his family first got goats, he was supportive, from a distance. But when the twin Mini Oberhasli doelings Tucootie and Patootie, joined the farm, Russ fell in love. With a background in computer programming, he has helped TMGR update our registry database and created the on-line database pedigree look up. A life long lover of cheese, he enjoys all goat milk cheeses and loves trying new varieties.

Tiffany Hunter - Secretary, Public Relations/Member Liaison
Bennett, CO

Tiffany purchased her goat herd in 2018 and has been in love ever since. Her knack for data collection makes the milk program a passion for her. Participating in shows is what brings a smile to her face because she gets to meet other people who share in her passion of goats and learning! It also feeds right into her second passion: social butterfly. Tiffany is Vice President of Mile High Mini Milkers (501c3), a charitable organization that provides shows, networking and educational opportunities for Colorado Mini Breeders and served for a year as TMGR’s Member’s Rep before moving into her newest role as Secretary. 


Mini-Nubians and standard LaManchas are her focus so it is no surprise that one special Mini-LaMancha found her way into her heart. Tiffany’s daughter Aslyn is her “partner in crime” which inspired her herd name Bad Alibi Dairy Goats.

Member Representatives
Member Reps are your liaison to the TMGR Board of Directors.  You may contact them with any concerns, requests, or ideas you feel could make TMGR a better registry.

Samantha Barton


Floyd, VA

Samantha is the owner of Foggy Fork Farm LLC in Floyd, VA

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